The theme song that Jillian Hall comes out to can apparently also be heard on Jim Rome’s ESPN show “Jim Rome is Burning.” They play the song when they come back from commercial and go to their “The Forum” segment. The song is evidently a stock public domain song that anyone can use. WWE has gotten some of their themes in the past from public domain, and they’ve been heard other places outside of wrestling (Hardy Boyz, The Un-Americans, to name a few).

WWE Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts has evidently taken up the sport of kingfishing. In today’s edition of the Ft. Pierce Tribune, a newspaper in Florida, there is a story about Roberts and his team catching the biggest fish in a recent tournament.

Recent WWE signee Barbie Blank has launched a website. The site tells of her current training in OVW, and Blank says she hopes that she will be called up to the main WWE roster sometime in the next month. The site is located a If you haven’t seen her before, let’s just say that she is not hard to look at. She is a 19 year old model who John Laurinitus saw in a catalog and immediately contacted about getting into the wrestling industry