There is a new “Agent Confidential” up for this week with WWE agent Steve Keirn where he talks about comparing Divas of today to years ago in wrestling at

Jim Ross has his “Superstar of the Week” up at

It was announced today on the official website for local Israeli boy band “The Gameboyz” that they would be taking part in the WWE SmackDown House Show on July 27 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The WWE creative team told the recently released Mikey Batts to learn a British accent for a “Harry Potter” gimmick they came up with. The five foot tall wrestler refused. His refusal obviously didn’t bode well with management and he was released a short while later. The official reason Batts was cut from his developmental contract was that he had a horrible attitude. In regards to specific reasons for his release, he was said to be in poor shape, had little desire to improve, was rude and not popular amongst his peers, milked injuries & sat out of wrestling practice, wrestled in “indy style” instead of “WWE style,” threw bad punches, and lastly, he had a bad haircut.