John Cena, Vengeance Edited, Triple H & More


A new "5 questions" video with John Cena is up on He speaks on Ben Roethlisberger, growing up in the gym and if he's ever pulled a Phil Mickelson, choking big time at a major event.


USA has started running a new cross-promotion commercial. It starts with Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall's character from "The Dead Zone" who can see the future if he touches you or one of your things) walking at poolside. In the foreground, Triple H sleeping in the sun. Johnny sees HHH s sunglasses on the ground and picks them up, causing one of his psychic visions. He sees Triple H on the ring apron doing his entrance. Behind him in the ring is John Cena. Cena walks up and smacks Trips on the back. Cena laughs as they cut to a shot of his handprint in Triple H's sunburned back. At poolside, Johnny hands Hunter a bottle of sunscreen and says "Dude, trust me." He walks off as Triple H asks if he can put some lotion on his back.


ESPN's Bill Simmons has listed his "YouTube Hall Of Fame". Which are his favorite clips from the YouTube video site. A few of them are wrestling videos, including Piper-Snuka and the "Fuji Vice" segment from the Tuesday Night Titans show.

The replays of Vengeance in the UK, have removed the segment where Vince pushes the kid in the wheelchair completely, and the penis pump is removed from the second Vince segment so all is seen is Vince going into the bathroom then green explosion.