Kelly's Boyfriend, More On ECW Fan Fight, Zombie, More

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Mike Knox will be playing the role of Kelly's jealous boyfriend in ECW. He was paired up with Kelly because it gives him the specialness to be a star right away. Heyman is high on him and he debuted him in this role so he could get on the show as quickly as possible.


Some photos and videos have been posted online ( from yesterday's ECW house show in Philadelphia. Dan also passed along word that "For the record: the fight that broke out yesterday was because of some idiot in a swastika. NOT a WWE/Cena fan. He was sitting in the same area as some WWE fans though. It basically looked like the guy just wanted to start a fight with someone."

At one point, in between portraying The Zombie and/or a Martian (that was nixed), Tim Arson was going to portray a cook as "The Cook," thus spoofing The Food Network. This gimmick doesn't look to be on the cards.