Late-Night Update: Orton Return News, Sabu/Cena, Haas, & More

Randy Orton wasn't scheduled to return until next week. WWE officials brought him back because they thought they needed someone like him on the upcoming ECW PPV. This move upset quite a few people. According to several workers backstage, Orton came off as the exact same person that he was before and that there was no improvement in his personality while he was away. Some say he is even worse than he was before seeing how he now has it in his head that he's so important and thus WWE brought him back early from his "vacation."


Earlier today, we noted that when wrestlers get no reaction from the crowd, WWE officials refer to it as the "Charlie Haas pop." The term actually started one or two years ago (from WWE management no less), but its back in full force now as they've used the term a lot in recent weeks.

Despite having to face Sabu at WWE vs. ECW Head to Head this Wednesday night, John Cena is actually looking forward to Wednesday night. has an article with his thoughts on his upcoming match.

Teddy Hart, Vampiro, Sean Waltman, Aaron Aguilera, Jack Evans, Kaos, Luke, Alkatrazz, and announcer Kris Kloss have all signed extensions for MTV's Wrestling Society X. The contracts were set to expire on June 7th, but now expire on July 7th in order to give MTV more time to organize the show.


The former licensing agent for World Wrestling Entertainment was indicted Tuesday on federal charges of paying about $1 million in kickbacks to a WWE executive for the right to license the company's merchandise. Stanley Shenker was charged with one count of conspiracy and three counts of interstate transportation of money obtained by fraud. He is accused giving kickbacks to James Bell, the former WWE senior vice president of licensing and merchandising. If convicted, Shenker faces more than 10 years in prison and $7 million in fines.