(Credit: PWInsider.com & Dean Hooks Jr.)

I just got back home from Vengeance, and figured I’d send you some notes from the PPV.

Got there at 7:30, and the Lillian came out around 7:45. She told us we had a “Special” Bonus Match. Of course it turned out to be “The Model of Excellence” Rob Conway vs. Val Venis. Rob got booed, and Val is way over. Val wins with the fisherman suplex.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler came out next, to their own music. Lillian then told us we were going live on Pay Per View, in 60 seconds. So No Star Spangle Banner, I don’t know if anyone noticed.

They showed the opening video package, and for the first time in Charlotte History that I remember, they had opening pyro which is loud. Orton got a good number of boos, Angle got a decent pop. Note to WWE: No matter how many times you change Kurt Angle’s music, the fans will still chant “You Suck”. The 8 Consecutive Rolling German Suplexes was very impressive, my section was chanting for 2 more. I wasn’t sure what body part was breaking first, Orton’s shoulder or Angle’s Neck. I don’t understand why Kurt Angle is jobbing cleanly to Mr. Anger Management Himself Randy Orton either.

Umaga vs. Eugene

The crowd loved Armando Alejandro Esssssstttttrrrrradddddaaaaa. Umaga not so much. Eugene was over, but still needs a new gimmick. The 1995 oddities didn’t do anything for me. I tried to start a “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant but no luck.

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

The Foley story time promo was 2 weeks too late. I knew before the match, that Foley would do the Hardcore stuff. I wish the match would have gone longer. I’m just glad Foley didn’t attempt a dropkick or anything like that. I hope that’s not Flair’s last match in Charlotte.

The Carlito/Maria/Torrie segment in the back was funny. The crowd loved it.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito vs. Johnny Nitro

Hands down Match of the Night. Crowd was into it, and Carlito was way way over. Speaking of Carlito (I don’t know if they show this on Camera) during Melina’s Famous Entrance, Carlito was laying on the mat, trying to get a view of Melina’s Underwear. The Corner Suplex Spot and The Double Top Rope Jump by Carlito were awesome. I was a little surprised to see Johnny Nitro win, but it’s wasn’t a bad thing.

WWE Championship RVD vs. Edge

I felt bad for Edge/Cena when I saw they had to go on before Kane & Kane. 2nd Best Match of the night. Edge cut a great heel promo, ripping the Carolina Hurricanes, saying nobody from NC was on the team and it was won by a bunch of Canadians. The Powerbomb into guard rail was a cool spot, along with sunset flip onto the floor. I still think Edge should have won the belt, but keeping the belt on RVD was a nice surprise.

Retro Kane vs. Modern Day Kane

My friend made a comment about how he wished Kane still had the mask, I told him to wait a second and he’d get his wish. He was so lost, I had to explain it to him later. Perfect example why big men should never go to the top rope unless your name is Undertaker or Abyss. There was a faint, “Rip his mask off” chant but it died quickly. Nobody cared that the Retro Kane won. Wow, it must be a good week to be a DSW Worker.

Extreme Lumberjack Match

This was probably the 3rd best match of the night. Great Spots. I wish it would have went a little longer, but it was still good. It’s sad the guys like Rob Conway were beating Hardcore Icons like Sandman and Dreamer.

DX vs. The Spirit Squad.

Your Basic 1998 DX Comedy Tag Match. Crowd was into it but not as much as the 3 way or Edge/RVD or Sabu/Cena match. Remember the last time, the Spirit Squad was in the Bobcats Arena??? They debut here, the week before the Royal Rumble and now they’ll headlining a PPV. Wow, just think what they’d be doing if they were on Smackdown. Anyway decent match with DX getting the win. Lots of posing afterwards and Mitch got to kiss HHH’s ass. Apparently HHH got his ass Sandblasted too. Must run in the family. I think that’s where the PPV went off.

After the PPV went off, DX posed several times and tried to get some hot women to flash. Only 2 did, and the cameras cut right off them when they did it. Wow $25 bucks for front row, upper level seats, got to see DX, some good wrestling, Sabu and Hooters. I’d say it was worth it. Well that’s about it.