Loads & Loads Of Backstage News From WWE vs. ECW

Loads & Loads Of Backstage News From WWE vs. ECW

Tony Mamaluke, Jazz and Justin Credible all appeared at the WWE vs. ECW PPV and they have all signed on for the ECW brand. Stevie Richards and Al Snow are also confirmed to be a part of the ECW brand.


ECWWrestlingNews.com is reporting that Axl Rotten was not backstage at the WWE vs. ECW show. Take that for what its worth.

Lilian Garcia had a brace on her arm due to the wrist injury she suffered on RAW.

ECWWrestlingNews.com posted a story late last night noting that all contracted ECW talent were backstage at the show as a meeting was held to discuss the new ECW and how it would work. We'll have more on this tomorrow.

Several commercials aired promoting ECW on SCI-FI with a voiceover of "Driven to the brink of oblivion, They have waited and watched. Now the time has come for the world to bow to their newfound power. A new breed unleashed. ECW comes to Sci Fi. Premieres Tuesday at 10 on Sci Fi." A second commercial aired noting "The rumors are true. There is something going on. The time has come for a new breed unleashed. ECW premieres live Tuesday at 10 on Sci Fi."


The new ECW theme is obviously "A New Breed Unleashed".

The ECW house show tour will be titled "ECW: The Revolution Continues."

The Terry Funk punches to Mick Foley were 100% legit and Foley was busted the hard way. Believe it or not, Foley actually told Funk to blast him in the face the hard way.

There is actually legit heat from way back between Tazz and Jerry Lawler. The first two punches the two threw at each were looked pretty legit. We'll have more tomorrow.