According to sources, Paul Heyman wrote the ECW show last night and then it went to Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn. There was said to have been a battle over some of the scripting in which McMahon won out in the end because, well, it’s his product.

Mike Johnson reports that The Sandman was originally booked to cane an alien last night, but The Sci Fi Network didn’t want an alien getting beat up on their network.

You can expect LOTS more fiction/supernatural themed elements on the ECW show in the coming weeks.

Jack Victory was backstage at the ECW/SmackDown! taping.

For you ECW fans that are completely ticked off at what is going on, the only sign of hope that I can give you is that some sources within WWE feel that this whole RAW vs. ECW thing is a way to build the Vengeance PPV and ECW brand and then after that, ECW will be on its own. Vince basically feels he needs to use RAW’s ratings to get the product known to the WWE fans in hopes that ECW can survive on its own when there is no hype from RAW or SmackDown. Then again, there is talk of pushing the ECW vs. RAW angle through SummerSlam.