Sabu, Balls Mahoney, and Rob Van Dam were all in the back parking lot talking during the afternoon hours prior to RAW. Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney, & The Sandman all arrived together. It should also be noted that the ECW guys were chatting it up backstage as it was sort of a reunion for some of the guys.

Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro Inside Linebacker James Farrior as well as many other members of the Pittsburgh Steelers were on hand at RAW last night.

Umaga is being pushed in a Samoa Joe type way in that he is a stiff worker with lots of athleticism.

The Highlanders (Rory McAllister and Robby McAllister) tag team have been working in OVW for the past several months and are being called up to the main RAW roster with a Scottish gimmick as evidenced by the RAW video package this week.

Jim Ross brought his wife along to RAW last night.

Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler was confirmed for ECW’s One Night Stand PPV last night on RAW.