Lots Of ECW News: Credible, Heyman, Angle, Funk, Agents, More

At the moment, WWE has made no movement towards signing Justin Credible. ECWWrestlingNews.com is reporting that Credible is currently a free agent after MTV released him from his Wrestle Society X contract earlier in the week.

In an article on ECW.com, Paul Heyman said that the WWE vs. ECW Head to Head special may very well be the single most important day in ECW history.

In an article on ECW.com, Kurt Angle responds to Randy Orton's attack on RAW last night. He also answers Orton's challenge for One Night Stand.

Terry Funk and a few other people have recommended that WWE sign TNA wrestler Homicide for the new ECW. Homicide is under a short-term contract with TNA which is set to expire soon. With that being said, WWE has no interest in signing him at this point.

According to a report on ECWWrestlingNews.com, Dean Malenko and Steve Keirn are expected to be the road agents at ECW.

There is still no word yet on a Canadian television outlet for ECW.

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