Lots Of ECW News: ONS, Cena Cains Himself, Big Show, More

ECWWrestlingNews.com is reporting that WWE.com has removed the ECW One Night Stand t-shirt that listed the entire card including two matches that have not been announced. No word yet on if those matches will actually happen or not.

WWE.com has posted footage of what happened after the WWE vs. ECW special went off the air last night. The video has the brawl continuing until John Cena got his hands on the Sandman’s singapore cane. He then cleared the ring using the cane and started hitting himself in the head with the cane.

WWE.com has a video interview up with The Big Show and Paul Heyman where Show tells why he defected to ECW. This is one of the best Big Show promo’s I’ve seen in a long time and is worth checking out.

As noted last night, Randy Orton is now a member of the RAW roster.

ECWWrestlingNews.com is reporting that there is a great feeling of optimism about the “new” ECW after last night’s show. Even a lot of the non-ECW wrestlers enjoyed working the style. Many who doubted the entire project after RAW are now feeling much better about it because they now think Vince McMahon will actually let ECW be something different and not just another WWE-style brand.

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