Rob Van Dam will not be carrying John Cena’s WWE Title to ECW, so whether it’s at the PPV or on RAW the next night, Cena will end up on top. There will likely be a disputed finish during tomorrow’s match.

Although many are pushing for Funk and Dreamer to win their match, Funk (who won’t be a permanent part of ECW) himself likely supports an Edge/Foley victory, since he’s of the philosophy that the wrestler leaving should do the job. This will obviously be a bloodbath, and Beulah will likely run in on Lita.

Tazz will obviously win a short match by choking out Jerry Lawler.

Expect heavy employment of the steel chair in the Tanaka-Mahoney match.

Plenty of unannounced segments are planned for the show, including a strong utilization of The Sandman. A Lance Storm appearance is rumored, although not confirmed.

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