As noted, Monday’s RAW did a 4.3 cable rating, with a 7.0 share. Last week’s show did a 4.2. The best quarter hour was a 5.2 for the DX Reunion overrun segment.

Chris Masters is currently off television due to personal substance abuse issues. Masters is currently seeking help and treatment in regards to his problems. He’s been off the road since late May.

See No Evil pulled in a paltry $150,000 in ticket receipts over the June 16th weekend. Then again, the movie was pulled from 84.8 percent of the 900 theaters it was shown in in the previous weekend. The movie was only shown in 293 theatres last weekend. In five weeks, the movie has made a meager $14.73 million.

Up and Coming Magazine conducted an interview with Victoria. In the interview, Victoria notes that she was the one who injured Beth Phoenix on RAW two weeks ago. Phoenix didn’t get injured from hitting her face with her own knee like many presumed. Victoria injured her with a slap. “It was an accident. A lot of people thought she hit her face with her knee,” Victoria said. “What happened was I slapped her mouth was open, and when I hit her, my palm was open and I guess the force of it, I hit her palm heavy.”