**The following are early news and notes from the live site of tonight’s ECW on Sci-Fi and SmackDown! television taping in Albany, New York. All news called in courtesy of our own Ryan Clark.**

Jillian Hall & Kristal arrive together.

Vito came wearing a pretty black and white dress and arrived with a big dude with a poneytail.

Kelly from ECW and another girl (unknown) and a Vampire looking guy with red-hair arrived together.

Matt Hardy and Ashley Massaro arrived together, then shortly after arriving Matt got in his car and left again.

Bobby Lashley arrives to the arena in a limosine alongside Mr. Kennedy.

The Great Khali arrived with Daivari and Fit Finlay’s midget. That was quite the sight, needless to say.

Brian Kendrick aka Spanky arrived to the arena and fans were yelling for autographs. Spanky dropped his bags and climbed up a monsterous hill. He asked the fans how they were, told them how hot their town was today. He was chit-chatting with everyone, very friendly smiling for pictures and signing autographs for everyone there.

The Sandman with a cigarette in his mouth and a really hot lady with him arrives to the building.

Matt Hardy is back in the parking lot after arriving earlier with Ashley. Fans try getting Matt to come up, yelling out that Spanky had done it earlier. Matt replied, “Spanky made it up that hill?” He’s now getting his bags out of the car. And here we go, Matt is trying to climb the hill. He shouts out to fans he don’t think he’ll make it. Sure enough he makes it, jumps on Ryan Clark’s phone and says “Hi Matt, I made it.” Now he’s chatting with fans, signing autographs and all that good stuff. Now Matt is sliding his way down the hill. Anyone who’s been to the Albany arena has no idea how big this hill is. Personally I have no idea how either Matt or Spanky made it up there.

Tommy Dreamer, Little Guido, and someone else unrecognizable from ECW arrives together in a truck.

**Make sure to stick with us throughout the day for continued backstage coverage from the ECW/SD! tapings in Albany, New York!**