Source: The Wrestling Observer

Road Warrior Animal’s idea that was turned down was for him to work with the main event faces. He then had a locker room blowup after the rejection. His release was expected because he wasn’t used on house shows or television – even with a skeleton Smackdown crew. Also, he wanted an agent job, but consideing who his brother is, too many people would point that out as the reason he was hired.

Paul Burchill’s pirate gimmick was officially dropped two weeks ago. Management thought Burchill had a hard time working as a babyface. Burchill was copying Johnny Depp for the gimmick, however, Vince McMahon didn’t know what he was doing since he has never watched Pirates of the Caribbean. McMahon actually envisioned the character as a remake of Jean Pierre LaFitte circa 1995.

“Dr. Death” Steve Williams was brought to Deep South Wrestling for a week to tryout as a coach. He spoke to the wrestlers on ring pyschology, the pitfalls of life on the road, drugs, and all the problems he battled during his own career.

Sent in by Joshua Taylor: If anyone is interested, my next event is on June 24th. Dream Night 5 is PCW’s biggest event of the year. This is our version of Wrestlemania. We expect at least 2000+ people to be at the show. details: The event is taking place at the Oak Lawn Pavilion – 9401 Oak Park Dr., Oak Lawn IL. (Corner of 95th and Oak Park Dr. – One block east of Harlem Ave.) Tickets are $10.00. Special appearance and autograph signing by Bret “The Hitman” Hart.