More On ECW Meeting, Backstage Heyman/ECW News, Refs Released?

There was a meeting between Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, and Paul Heyman in regards to changes being made with ECW. A decision has been made to move away from all of the old ECW concepts, characters, fans and everything else. Instead, ECW will just be another brand for WWE, simply with the ECW name. In McMahon's eyes, the old ECW fan base is dead and largely gone, and he's going to go forward with things with that in mind. The crowd's behavior at last Saturday's ECW house show really changed his mind on things.


Paul Heyman was not at the Gorilla Position on Tuesday night as Vince McMahon was the main man running things. Heyman mainly kept to himself over on the sidelines. Although, when someone would come up to him and ask him for feedback, he was open and gave his opinion. Other than that, it was more obvious than ever before that he is no longer the "mad genius behind ECW."

Several of the old ECW referees are already on the way out.