Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Kane, 39, has expressed to WWE management that he plans on retiring soon, perhaps as early as January 2007. Kane told management that he has accomplished all he can in his career. Should Kane retire, it won’t affect his See No Evil film deal as he signed a contract for a sequel to the movie.

One source within WWE said, “Kane is the most respected guy in the Raw locker room. He carries himself very professionally and it would be ashame to end his career without a decent title run.” Kane has stated several times that his 24 hour title reign in 1998 does not bother him, however, many within WWE (including Vince McMahon) feels as though that Kane has been bothered that he has not gotten another title reign in his career. Even though he’s technically on RAW, there was some thought to giving him a title win at Judgment Day or No Way Out, but those plans were nixed. Another source said that when Kane was asked about a possible future title reign he said, “It’s time for the younger guys to shine.”

Before his departure, Kane would like to be involved with Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton and John Cena. He would also like to reunite with The Undertaker as a tag team. Additionally, The Undertaker has expressed to management that Kane could possibly be the one to end his undefeated Wrestlemania streak. However, Kane turned down the idea, seeing as it would take credibility away from Taker’s legacy.