More On Major TNA Spoiler For Tonight, Lots More Inside

TNA is running on a poll asking fans who they think will win the NWA World Title King of the Mountain Match at Slammiversary this Sunday. Sting is winning with 39% of the vote and Christian Cage is only behind with 34%. Jeff Jarrett is ranked last with 6%.


Scheduled for TNA iMPACT! tonight on Spike TV (one hour later at Midnight ET/11pm CT) is footage from the company's House Show on June 9 at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. is reporting that although it was believed at first that TNA would be holding a licensed House Show on July 7 in Lowell, MA at the Tsongas Arena, it turns out it will be promoted by Liberty States Wrestling in association with the NWA. The card features Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett, Alex Shelley vs. Black Tiger, Chris Sabin vs. Puma, former WWE stars Matt Morgan vs. Aaron "Jesus" Aguilera and AJ Styles & Human Tornado vs. James Storm & Bobby Joe Marshall.

We had a few readers send us word that on Spike TV's website, there is a video featuring Jeremy Borash where he says the "new" NWA World Heavyweight Champion will be appearing on iMPACT! this Thursday night at 11pm ET/10pm CT. It still remains to be seen if this was leaked on purpose or not by TNA or if we will indeed see a new world champion crowned at the Slammiversary PPV this Sunday night. However, given that Borash did say "new world champion", it is likely the company released it on purpose to peak interest. I did a quick search in the TNA section of and couldn't find. So either it is there or it has been removed already. Thanks to everyone who passed that along today.


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