As reported earlier, Chris Masters was taken off WWE TV and the road to handle some personal issues related to WWE drug testing results. This was also the case recently with Joey Mercury as well, which explained the storyline breakup of MNM on SmackDown. According to reports, there is no rush to bring Masters back to TV and that no exact return date has been planned out. Says one WWE source about Masters, “he needs to mature socially”.

You can expect some heavy hype on WWE TV over the next few weeks for the next Saturday Night’s Main Event on July 15 in Dallas, TX to air on NBC. This will be another very important, if not the most important show for WWE this year as they will try to improve on the disappointing 5.2 million viewership for the first special on NBC earlier this year on March 18 before WrestleMania 22.

For those wondering, Steve Lombardi (aka The Brooklyn Brawler) played Doink the Clown at the Vengeance PPV this past Sunday.