More On MNM/Haas Backstage Heat, ECW Rumor Killer, More

Although Internet reports suggest that there is backstage heat on Charlie Haas, Johnny Nitro and Melina, reports that they are not, by any means, in serious political hot water. There is virtually no heat for Charlie Haas knocking Lilian Garcia off the ring apron this week, as everyone understands that it was an accident. While the members of MNM have been cited as examples of young wrestlers getting big egos in the wake of strong pushes, neither Nitro nor Melina is seriously detested backstage. Any issues the two had in the lockerroom are not considered major enough to sabotage their push on TV. MNM split up because Melina had developed an enormous, Roseanne Barr-sized ego. Melina felt as though that the entire Smackdown brand was about her and it was driving some people nuts. People in Ohio Valley Wrestling have noted that she is a totally different person. Melina used to hug everyone and such, but after showing up in WWE, it was down to the business handshake and a quick hello, as if she'd never seen some of these people before. Also, Nitro had a bit of heat because he never leaves her side, and that caused problems with the boys because he stopped socializing with everyone.

Contrary to reports, confirms that WWE is not viewing ECW as a minor league territory to develop wrestlers for RAW and SmackDown. While Paul Heyman s influence will likely result in a number of Ohio Valley Wrestling performers being called up to ECW, WWE is treating ECW as an end destination and a brand warranting just as much attention as its other two shows. There will be intense pressure on those running ECW to turn a profit and increase WWE s bottom line.