Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending this in: During the edition of Friday Night SmackDown that is airing right now on The Score, in Canada, Michael Cole announced during the opening Super Crazy vs. Brian Kendrick match that Tajiri and Super Crazy would team up against the F.B.I. at ECW One Night Stand. Additionally, Tazz goes off again on Lawler, saying that King Booker is the only King in the WWE.

Paul Heyman spoke with and had this to say about Rey Mysterio and ECW: Yes, ECW is actively courting and pursuing Rey Mysterio, said Heyman. Mysterio could not get a break in the United States in 1994 and 1995 when he was without questions unparalleled. He was the greatest high-flyer on the planet, bar none, and yet no one would recognize him not WWE and certainly not WCW. Who recognized Rey Mysterio? ECW recognized Rey Mysterio.”

Paul Heyman will be scripting ECW, however, Vince McMahon will have the final say over what airs. Although, unlike the WWE writers such as Ed Koskie, Dave Lagana, and Brian Gewirtz, Heyman is less likely to book explicitly to please McMahon and is more likely to push new concepts. McMahon considers this ECW project as a major opportunity to expand revenue and to also try new concepts without much risk. Also, the new ECW brand plans to feature more in-ring wrestling along the lines of Ring Of Honor. is re-listing the ECW One Night Stand t-shirt, but it is no longer advertising the back of the shirt as it contained spoilers on matches that had yet to be announced on television.

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