www.HollymoodEntertainment.com is soon releasing the DVD titled Fightland which contains a uniquely styled documentary about 2 American filmmakers journey through the mysterious world of Thailand’s sex brothels, underground monkey training camps, and the country’s amazing Muay Thai Kickboxing industry. The DVD contains a documentary and 6 full fights straight out of Thailand including bare-nuckle fights.

Copies of the Fightland the DVD are expected to be shipped out in 9 business days. The release date of the DVD was pushed back due to the non-stop filming of The Fight Game for the past 2 weeks, so this is your perfect chance to pre-order this new documentary.

You can watch the trailer for Fightland at https://www.hollymoodentertainment.com/site.php?id=fightland/index.html

A new trailer for the 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler: The Special Collector’s Edition DVD will debut online soon so make sure to keep an eye out for the trailer.

You can currently pre-order the limited release of the collectors edition version of 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler on DVD at www.Hollymoodentertainment.com so make sure you check out the website. None of these DVDs have been released in stores yet so this is your chance to purchase the DVDs before they go mainstream. If you order the special collector’s edition DVD now, it will be shipped out by June 8.

You can order the DVDs directly using the Hollymood Entertainment shopping cart at: