WROC-TV 8 out of Rochester, NY has a news story on the rise and fall of Lex Luger. In the video interview, Luger gets candid as he talks about his problems with drug and alcohol abuse that he says nearly killed him before he got clean.

ESPN.com ran a story on Wednesday night on the death of John “Earthquake” Tenta. The article noted that he was a former amateur wrestler at LSU.

Bastion Booger (Mike Shaw), 49, wrestled his first match in several years at an NWS indy show in New Jersey this past Saturday. He was in town because of a wrestling convention held earlier in the day. Shaw actually donned his signature gray Bastion Booger outfit in this match. Booger “passed the torch” as it were when he put over indy wrestler Danny Demanto. Booger was scheduled to go over in the match, but he insisted that the finish of the match get changed so Demanto could win.

Ohio Valley Wrestling will be holding two house shows this weekend. Molly Holly will be on hand to meet fans and sign autographs before both shows. Molly’s first appearance will take place on Saturday at Gerdon Youth Center 600 East Chestnut Street Corydon, Indiana. Molly’s second appearance will take place this Sunday at EXPO FIVE – Derby Park Traders Circle Flea Market 2900 7th Street Road, Louisville, KY (near Churchill Downs). Also, even though her hair has grown out, Molly has been wearing a blonde wig for some reason in her recent public appearances. Its also been said that she’s lost some weight in recent months and that her infamous “caboose” is not as big as it used to be