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Monday night, RAW will be left to sort out the fallout from Vengeance when the Superstars head to Fayetteville, N.C.

At Vengeance, Edge has a chance to regain the WWE Championship from ECW s Rob Van Dam. RVD re-christened the gold on the premiere of ECW on Sci Fi, but the Rated-R Superstar intends on restoring the tradition of the championship. Will the gold be back on RAW come Monday night?

Also at Vengeance, RAW s Randy Orton and John Cena take on ECW s Kurt Angle and Sabu, respectively. Can the Legend Killer and the former WWE Champion give RAW the bragging rights, or will they be taken to the extreme on Sunday?

DX was in full control of RAW last week, sending the McMahon men scurrying from the building at the thought of Stephanie McMahon being in labor. They must face the Spirit Squad at Vengeance, but they will also certainly have to face the wrath of an angry WWE Chairman. What will happen to the degenerates?

Find out all this and more on RAW, Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network.