Official WWE RAW Preview For Next Week

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Monday Night RAW is sure to see plenty of fireworks when it rolls into Philadelphia just one day before America s Independence Day.

In recent weeks, D-Generation X has done nothing but humiliate WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon. In their latest stunt, DX dropped a load of crap onto the Chairman&literally. When last seen, the Chairman, his son Shane and the Spirit Squad were covered in human waste on the RAW entrance stage.

Anyone who knows the McMahons knows that they will be fuming about this latest incident. But what exactly will the Chairman have to say about getting dumped on?

Last week, John Cena looked to have the WWE Championship won before Edge ran in and broke up his STFU on Rob Van Dam. The Rated-R Superstar then laid out both Cena and Van Dam and told the WWE Champion that he would see him tomorrow, meaning that Edge would be invading ECW on Sci Fi. What will become of the Rated-R Superstar s latest venture into ECW&and will Cena have anything to do with it?

Philadelphia was also the home base for ECW itself during the promotion s first existence&so you know that if something does happen on Sci Fi, the ECW Extremists will be more than happy to make an appearance on their sacred soil.

Plus, the Highlanders will be making their RAW debut this week. With Rory & Robbie McAllister being newcomers to America, there s no better place to make their debut than in the cradle of Liberty itself, Philadelphia. It s sure to be a debut you won t want to miss.

Tune into the USA network Monday night at 9/8 CT to see the fireworks explode.