This week the Miami Herald newspaper conducted an interview with Paul Heyman this week. As always, Heyman was very opinionated and had a lot to say regarding ECW, WWE, TNA and more.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

On ECW’s Return: ECW was going to return with or without Heyman involved, so he figured it was best to have a say in his creation being brought back. Most of his concerns about the return have been addressed. The new ECW won’t be a nostalgia show. It will be a progressively thinking promotion. It will have the most contemporary music, the most riveting and compelling characters and it will not rely on stars that were hot five or ten years ago.

Heyman’s New Vision For ECW: Like before, ECW will offer a balance. “This is going to be everything you loved about the old ECW and thinking into the future”. Heyman’s goal is to use the most hard-hitting action and realistic storylines to produce a product that neither RAW or SmackDoown! can compete with.

Vampires in ECW?: The original story was taken out of context but yes, there are plans for a Vampire group in ECW. Reason being, Vampire culture is very popular with the youth culture in today’s society.

Heyman explains, “They’re called bite clubs, and it is kids, kind of like the Gothic scene now. It’s a real culture that’s out there, and it’s very popular, and it’s very hot. Anybody that follows the New York or Los Angeles club scene will find out there are a lot of kids into this right now. If I’m going to do a progressively thinking promotion one of the influences we’re gong to have is what’s hot with kids today, and what’s hot with kids today is vampires. That is something I would do with the right people and with the right storyline.”

Heyman Shoots on TNA Wrestling: “I don’t think TNA is even a consideration to anyone in this industry. I wish that they were, but the problem with TNA is they never branded themselves. Instead of taking advantage of a tremendous opportunity, they complained. They said, `I’ve been held back. I wasn’t given an opportunity. I didn’t get this. I didn’t get that”.

Heyman says another another thing they did in TNA wrongwas that they didn’t brand new stars to be their stars. They didn’t make Samoa Joe their star. They didn’t make Abyss their lead star. They should have taken these lead guys and branded them so people identify them directly with TNA.

This interview is definitely worth a look if you want to know what the new ECW is all about. The link is below:

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