Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton News, ECW Show & More


Over at the WWE website features an article with quotes from Rob Van Dam explaining why he is giving John Cena a title match on RAW tonight, without the "Extreme Rules" that RVD prefers on ECW events. RVD wants to prove his win at One Night Stand wasn't a fluke.


Randy Orton did while in the UK last week with Silvervision, the WWE's European DVD distributor. Orton discussed his short WWE World title run and immediate babyface turn from several years back, which many have felt killed the momentum he had at the time. Orton said, "If I'd represented the company well, as far as being the champion, and been real good at it, it would have been longer. It was one of those things where I was a transitional champ, Triple H beat me for it the next month. They also turned me babyface at the drop of a hat – actually it was the day after I won the World Heavyweight Championship that I became a babyface. That was a really hard way to get going and to stay over. As a heel I was just starting to get some fire and people were starting to respond to me. To turn me babyface, from being a d*ckhead to being a' "yeah yeah, come on" – they didn't buy it, it wasn't really something the fans went with. It was kind of my fault – it was my fault and it was the writers' fault. It didn't bother me – I still had that title that I was a one time World Champion and the youngest ever." Randy Orton also teased he wanted to wrestle Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 23.


At the ECW Philadelphia show, Tony Mamaluke's flip senton to the floor was a botched spot and completely missed Danny Doring. Also, Sabu is wrestling with a partially torn finger tip and was bleeding like a sieve from it. He's been wrestling like this for a few weeks now.