Source: The Wrestling Observer

The general feeling in the Smackdown locker room in regards to Melina leaving was basically good riddance. People were happy to see her jobbed out so strongly at Judgment Day.

Melina was nice to the male wrestlers, however, most of the heat stems from how she treated all the Smackdown divas as if she was a bigger star than they were. Also, the incident with Sharmell had the locker room line up against her.

Seeing how Melina is on Raw, and with Trish Stratus there, Melina can’t be pushed as if she is was the number one girl like how it was on Smackdown. Also, Melina will be doing a lot more wrestling now that she is on Raw.

And finally, there have been a lot of comparisons between Melina and Sunny circa 1996. This is actually not a good sign.