**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Smackdown Taping
June 6th, 2006
Wheeling, WV
WesBanco Arena

Smackdown drew poorly in Wheeling, as there might have been 4,000, tops, in a 6,000 capacity arena. WWE had the camera side tarped off from ALL fans and one of the upper decks, opposite of the entrance, tarped off. This comes after a RAW houseshow, not televised, nearly sold the place out.

Notes from the show…. Keep in mind that I did NOT write results down, so everything is off the top of my head…

-Funaki defeated Mike Knox (?)

-Jamie Noble/Kid Kash defeated Sterling James Keenan/Jon Bolen (?)

-Gunner Scott defeated Colt Cabana.

-Matt Hardy defeated Simon Dean.

May have been a 5th match?


-Show started off with William Regal trying to introduce King Booker, but Lashley attacked Regal instead. Teddy Long came out to make Regal vs. Lashley later that night.

-Brian Kendrick fought Super Crazy… sadly, off the top of my head, I cannot remember who won this match. How could I? I was immediately in the presence of the Great Khali and he cleaned house with multiple headbutts, clotheslines, big boots, and he slammed Super Crazy ala Albert-Bomb before walking away.

-Vito, who was questioned earlier by Nunzio about wearing a dress, actually defeated Nunzio in a one on one match.

-Ashley won the “Summer Kickoff” Bikini contest hosted by Mike, the Miz. She defeated the likes of Jillian, Kristal, and Michelle McCool. All unveiled smokin’ bikinis/bodies except for Michelle McCool, who was playing the teacher gimmick. McCool suggested that teachers get no respect and went into some lecture before walking away. The fans overwhelmingly cheered for Ashley to win when asked by the Miz.

-Mark Henry DESTROYED a local independent guy and pinned him with a bodyslam.

-Lashley defeated William Regal with a Countout. I believe Lashley hit Regal with a spear or something of the nature involving Lashley running and Regal hitting the ground on the outside. Did not get a good view of it, but it knocked Regal out. Booker, all decked out in the King outfit, tried to revive Regal, but it was too late. Booker T vs. Lashley for NEXT week’s Smackdown.

-Ken Kennedy… excuse me, Mr. Kennedy, returned defeated Scotty 2 Hotty in a match with a Swanton splash.

-Rey Mysterio’s proposition to join ECW was addressed by Michael Cole. Before Cole could introduce Mysterio, Tazz came up and talked about ECW. Tazz accepted Lawler’s challenge and said he’d choke him out Sunday. Then, Tazz said he’s “officially going home” and resigned from ECW. He said he enjoyed his time but it was now time to go home. He shoved the microphone in Cole’s chest and walked away. Paul Heyman was there to greet him with a big hug.

-Heyman then came to the ring and discussed ECW after dismissing Cole. He called out Rey Mysterio and Mysterio thanked Heyman for introducing him to America through ECW. However, in the WWE, WWE fans are “his people” and this was the place where he won the World Title. Therefore, Rey Mysterio TURNED DOWN Heyman’s offer to join ECW. Heyman professionally said “thank you” to Mysterio for thinking about the offer and said “good luck, as you’ll need it tonight” or something of that matter. Finley immediately came down for the match.

-Finley defeated Rey Mysterio in a NON-TITLE match with the shillelagh after Sabu distracted Mysterio. Finley dominated the match, though, keeping Mysterio grounded, though Mysterio hit a beautiful tilt-a-whirl neckspin on Finley, if I called that right. Finley’s midget or whatever his role may be did pull Mysterio under the ring at one point in the match (huh?). He tried for the 619 but Sabu attempted to come in with a chair. Mysterio fought him off but the distraction was enough for Finley to drill Mysterio with the foreign object while the referee was also distracted.

AFTERWARD, Sabu came back to his senses and attacked Mysterio with a thrown chair to his head and then he set up Mysterio on a table on the outside. Sabu then drilled a PICTURE PERFECT legdrop onto Mysterio by jumping from a chair to the ropes and onto Rey with a thundering crash! Looked great live and should look good on television. Excellent spot!
Mysterio was out cold as Sabu walked away, doing his signature point in the air pose…