Credit: PWInsider

— It s said that Stephanie McMahon is still not a fan of Heyman or the revival of ECW, and that if she had a choice she would likely try to stop it. Vince and Shane both seem to be pretty excited about bringing back ECW.

— It now looks like Test will be involved with the new ECW. Right now the plan is to have him come in as a top tier heel.

— The Sci-Fi Channel doesn t seem to be happy with the decision to add ECW to their lineup, but they were the only channel on the NBC-Universal network that it would fit in. They didn t want to put ECW on USA yet, but if the ECW summer series does well on Sci-Fi, then they may be able to move it over to USA. The same person at Universal who got WWE back on USA is also the same person who put ECW on Sci-Fi.

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