Source: The Wrestling Observer

The Big Show has been telling people that he’s unhappy with the amount of jobs he’s been doing as of late.

Jillian Hall is featured on a poster for Smackdown’s Biggest Party Of The Summer Tour. Hall is almost never featured on WWE advertisements. Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley are also featured on the poster. Biggest Party Of The Summer Tour is simply another name for the Smackdown house show tour this summer. Also note, even though the SummerSlam logo is on the poster, this is not the SummerSlam poster. The logo is simply there to remind people that SummerSlam is coming.

The Kane vs. Kane II angle was actually meant to start a few months ago. At the time, Glen Jacobs told Drew Hankinson that his career was winding down and that he was going to pass the torch on to him.