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Tonight s broadcast opened with mayhem written all over it. Jeff Jarrett was at the forefront with Mike Tenay and Don West trying to get answers as to if and who he will be fighting in the King of the Mountain qualifying match. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner however took things further by physically overpowering Don West into the ring in proclaiming that iMPACT! is over until he finds answers he wanted Sting. Steiner s threat to the show was obliterated once Sting came and clotheslined him to the outside while Raven took out Jarrett.

The Naturals may be reunited but their luck did not continue against America s Most Wanted tonight. The former NWA World Tag Team Champions were defeated by the champions, AMW in this non-title match when James Storm smashed a beer bottle across Chase s head. This occurred just after Stevens rejected to use the nightstick that was given to him by Christopher Daniels, who along with AJ Styles prevented Gail Kim from bringing into play. After the bout, Shane Douglas who was scouting The Naturals left to the backstage area. When will Douglas speak about his week in and week out appearances whenever The Naturals are in action?

Alex Shelley s time to shine was next but there was one problem, he lost his tripod for his camera no problem though, his good friend Kevin Nash volunteered to be the tripod. In what should have been Shelley s gain, Nash actually instigated Shelley s loss. Lethal saw the opportunity and took it once Nash s back faced the ring he pushed Shelley as he landed headfirst on Nash s elbow. The quick win however paralleled into a quick state of dismay because Kevin Nash rebounded with a smashing clothesline on Lethal as soon as he caught notice of Shelley s loss.

Nash and Shelley continued to soften Jay Lethal up post match but Chris Sabin came to Lethal s aid. Kevin Nash was quick to retreat with his partner in crime, Alex Shelley. Chris Sabin shot back at Nash s retreat by saying it was because his back wasn t facing him this time. Sabin continued his smack talk on the former World Heavyweight Champion by putting forth a challenge for a match at Slammiversary, which is of course only a possibility if Nash is not busy with his date in Alex Shelley, Sabin added.

X-Division Champion, Samoa Joe let the world in on what his mindset was exactly at Sacrifice when he was tagging with Sting. Sting asked for his help from bell to bell during the match and that s exactly what Joe abided by, but once it was over the final bell had rung and his job was done. He left Sting for dead in the hands of Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner. Joe however has a new temptation and that s to face the man with the shortest fuse in one on one competition Scott Steiner. Joe made the challenge with full knowledge in knowing that Steiner will most likely reject the challenge but he s also repetitious in telling the world himself that Steiner will reject in hopes of building up self-desire in Steiner to accept this challenge. Will Big Poppa Pump answer Joe s call?

Team 3D made it known that next week on iMPACT! they will not be in Orlando, Florida but rather in Philadelphia at the famous bingo hall arena as they prepare to face The James Gang at Slammiversary. According to TNA, we ll hear from Brother Ray and Brother Devon from Phili this Thursday night on Spike TV!

Our main event was the King of the Mountain qualifier featuring Jeff Jarrett against Raven for the first time ever in the iMPACT Zone a long awaited rematch from the international incident in Canada last year. Right when the match started it was brutal all the way through. The adrenaline rush within both competitors was sky high, but Raven was the stand out in this one. He proved to still be on his game, especially with the hardcore style of fighting. Upon taking out several tables, they even took out the concession stand much to Jarrett s physical pain at expense! Raven directed the fight through the stands and back into the ring. Once Jarrett tried to bring the guitar into play though, Larry Zbyszko was sticking to his in the name of fairness game by taking the guitar away. That only led to a conflict of interest between he and Jarrett as Raven was simultaneously landed with the guitar but it was a miss on Jarrett that landed straight through Larry or what could be called a homerun. Following suite, Jeff Jarrett hit The Stroke and picked up the win to qualify in his own specialty match, the King of the Mountain Match at Slammiversary.

Raven s loss was questionable. If Larry never got involved would the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion still have lost? He was on such a roll that it was looked as an impossible thought for Raven to lose nonetheless he did lose, but what s next for Raven. With him being cancelled out of the King of the Mountain Match, will he now set his sights once again on Larry Zbyszko, but finally in a one on one match?

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