Tons of Backstage Notes From Last Night's ECW Show

Trinity hurt her knee last night during her match with Francine and Kelly. It was likely a result of her moonsault and there is no word on how badly it is hurt yet.

Sabu's fingertips were also bleeding, but nothing that will seriously keep him out of his match tonight at Vengeance. Sabu suffered an injury earlier this year in Mexico where is fingertip was almost ripped off.

ECW as a whole brand were supposed to plug their big ECW Taping at the Wachovia Centre last night at the show, but it ended up only being Paul Heyman during one of his promos that promoted the show. Heyman felt there would be resentment from the crowd if they tried to plug the show last night. Heyman used the tatic, that it was real important for all of those folks to show up on July 4th because of the importance of the taping to get ECW over and show the country what true ECW fans are like. It's will also be a true indicator of whether or not ECW can run it's own television tapings wihtout Smackdown.

Test was originally scheduled to debut for ECW last night, but the plan for his debut has been changed.

Blue Meanie was backstage visiting friends last night.