If you order the WWE “Summer Special” Magazine with Torrie Wilson via the WWE website you get your own fly swatter.

On the official website of the Madison Square Garden Network, in the July listings it says that WWE at the Garden’s debut will debut on July 12th which means it has been pushed back one week,

On this year’s ECW One Night Stand DVD will include ECW’s first PPV, noly Legal on a second disc. The PPV features Taz vs. Sabu in the “Grudge Match of the Century” as well as an excellent Terry Funk vs. Sandman vs. Stevie Richards Three-Way Dance, a Michinoku Pro six man tag featuring the American debut of TAKA Michinoku, The Dudleys vs. The Eliminators and more. This will be the third official release of the ECW noly Legal PPV. It has been released on VHS directly from ECW and on DVD with ring entrances edited off by Pioneer Home Video.