See No Evil did about $2 million this weekend to take 8th place in week three. The movie has passed the $12 million mark.

Prior to his match with Carlito at yesterday’s RAW brand house show, Shelton Benjamin acknowledged the fate of his mother. Benjamin said that the repeated chants of “momma’s boy” at him “sent his mother home for good.”

WWE had a few cameras on hand for the Canada Walk of Fame ceremony. WWE are trying to get some publicity out of having Trish Stratus kiss Pamela Anderson on the lips. WWE Canada official Carl DeMarco is pushing this incident heavily. WWE cameras showed Stratus talking with Anderson, Paul Shaffer, Eugene Levy and Dan Aykroyd. Footage will probably air tomorrow night on Raw. Also, Trish wasn’t wearing a sling at this event. Stratus also talked about the wrestling past of several of the inductees – who have appeared at past Wrestlemanias. Stratus talked about Pamela Anderson, Robert Goulet and Alex Trebec. Trebec didn’t look happy when she talked about his Wrestlemania 7 appearance. She also made her singing debut on the show as she sang a song written by George Reinblatt about the inductees.