When Ring of Honor travels to England this August for two events, ROH wrestlers currently under contract with TNA aren’t expected to be wrestling at the show. TNA’s Hard Justice PPV on August 13 will be taking place on the same weekend ROH is in England, so this will likely keep many, if not all, TNA contracted wrestlers from working for ROH that weekend. ROH has already released a list of talent going to England for the events. Talent left off the list included Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Alex Shelley. The promotion has already told fans in England that they would get to experience an authentic ROH event as if it were held in America. However, many have found that difficult to believe if they are without a majority of the TNA wrestlers for both events.

For those who missed our earlier report from the TNA House Show in Philadelphia, PA, during the Rhino vs. Jeff Jarrett match, Rhino noted that he was offered a contract to return to WWE, but decided he would stick with TNA. Well, we will see if that is true soon. Brother Runt (formerly Spike Dudley) also came out during the show and displayed a WWE contract he was offered to work the ECW One Night Stand PPV tomororw night. Runt tored up the contract and said he was staying in TNA as well. Based on what we have heard, reviews coming from the House Show last night were very positive

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