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Brock Lesnar In MMA Update; Offer From UFC, & More
By Matt Boone

As of last week Brock Lesnar has yet to officially sign anything to work for the K-1 HERO’s promotion. He did do the spot in the ring during the K-1 show recently talking about the ring feeling good which lead many to believe he had ultimately signed something. Apparently, that is not the case.

Lesnar has received an official offer from HERO’s, but has yet to sign anything. It’s interesting to note that Lesnar also has an official offer on the table from the UFC. He has not decided on either one, and has been spending his time recently on a honeymoon with his wife Rena Mero (formerly known as Sable in the WWE).

Brock has talked about wanting a fight with Bob Sapp before to K-1 officials….(Read the full article at the link below)