Vince's Meeting At WWE vs. ECW, Axl Rotten Done Already?, More News

Buck Woodward reports that Vince McMahon held a meeting backstage with all the ECW talents yesterday before the WWE vs ECW special. Vince talked about the dress code and the wellness program as well as his visions on what the new ECW brand will be about.


After no showing Raw on Monday night, Axl Rotten is most likely already done with the company. is reporting that Beaulah's appearance on Sunday was supposed to be a surprise.

As noted earlier on, Vince McMahon loved last night's special. He was backstage feeding lines to the announcers via headset and really enjoyed the job they did including Joey Styles who he was always critical of on Raw. Vince also really like the in ring action. He made the call to let the wrestlers work a more edgier style then you usually see on Raw or Smackdown and in the end he really enjoyed what he saw.

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