Ryan & Rich Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com called in the following results from RAW in Pittsburgh, PA.

Harry Smith defeated Mike Knotts in a dark match.

Trevor Murdoch defeated a Pittsburgh local with a DDT.

Viscera dominates Rob Conway for the win.

A video of several WWE superstars overseas with the troops is shown.

Spirit Squad members Johnny and Mikey defeated Goldust and Snitky.

The crowd popped big for the ECW stars when they came out. Huge pop for RVD and loud boo’s for Cena.

After RAW went off the air, Triple H pulled down his trunks and mooned both the McMahon’s and then went to the back followed by Vince and Shane selling all the way to the back.

The dark match main event was Edge vs. John Cena in a streetfight for the WWE title. Cena won with an FU on both Lita and Edge after Lita tried to interfere.

Thanks again to Ryan & Rich Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com