After over six months on the shelf, Mr. Kennedy gives his thoughts on his highly-anticipated return to Smackdown. Visit for the article.

Jimmy Yang’s new cowboy gimmick isn’t just any cowboy gimmick as the vest he wears to the ring features the insignia of the Confederate flag.

Victoria will be on hand at her restaurant, Fat Tony’s Pizzeria, today from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for more information.

Puerto Rican based wrestling site recently conducted an interview with Scott Hall for their premium area. Hall says that he is healthy and that he just returned to the gym in Florida to train for an in-ring return. Hall said that his first appearance back might be for IWA Puerto Rico later the summer. When asked about the toughest aspect of being on the road, Hall said “There’s nothing tough about the road as long as you are having fun… that’s something that Curt Hennig taught me.”

Jimmy Snuka was pulled from the 7/1 IWS show in Barnsley, England due to passport issues.