WWE s new signing and Finlay’s little green friend who appears on WWE SmackDown has been added to the WWE SmackDown roster on the WWE website. The link is https://www.wwe.com/superstars/smackdown/littlebastard/. The website states the green midget as The Little Bastard .

WWE will be holding their second event at the new John Paul Jones Arena at the University of Virginia on Monday, August 14th, with the first being Cirque Du Soleil on August 1st. It will be for the WWE Monday Night RAW broadcast. Pre-sale tickets are available now via www.johnpauljonesarena.com with the access code: WWE814. (Credit: PWInsider.com)

I went to meet Mickie James today at a local sports store in the Boston area for a autograph signing, and as I got there she was getting out of a car witch boyfriend Kenny of The Spirit Squad was driving and dropped her off. Anyways, I got a autograph and picture with her and she was really nice and not a jerk like most people say about other wrestlers that do signings. She was very talkative and friendly with everyone that came to see her. (Thanks to John)