The Evansville Courier & Press has an interview with WWE Champion John Cena.

Metro Toronto has an article up about Trish Stratus where it notes she will be singing and dancing at the Canadian Walk of Fame ceremony this month.

Adam Lebow sent this in: Two notes from Smackdown which aired in Canada first on Thursday. First off, the ECW Promo which has been airing for the last few weeks with the Paul Heyman voice over that was promoting RVD, Benoit and Funk has now been revoiced over and now has Benoit out of the promo and replaced by Sabu.

Adam Lebow also sent this in: Additionally, WWE was running promo’s for the upcoming Sumerslam party tour presented by Raw on July 8th @ London (Western), Ontario. Announced for the card was the WWE Champion John Cena taking on Edge (with Lita) and Kane against HHH. reports that the start time for the WWE Supershow TV taping on September 18 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada will now start at 5:30pm. Expect many start times for future Supershows to change for tapings for the new ECW brand for the Sci Fi Network.