WWE RAW Results (6/19): D-X Raises All Hell!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Airdate: Monday, June 19th, 2006
Location: The Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, NY
Results by 411Wrestling.com

Vince McMahon stares through my television screen.

Vince: Good evening. Two weeks ago here on Raw Triple H was to have joined the Mr. McMahon kiss my ass club. I didn’t get waht I wanted on that night. As a result of that last week Triple H was to face all five members of the SS in a handicap match. Triple H was to have been dismembered. But thanks to Shawn Michaels….that didn’t happen either. So I didnt’ exasctly get what I wanted either. But this week – oh yeah…this week I”m going to get exactly what I want. I’ve heard there was going to be some sort of DX reunion. There’s not going to be any DX reunion. There’s something going to be the destruction of Degeneration X. And you don’t believe me? Actions speak louder than words.

Vince walks and runs into a man with a chicken.

Vince: It’s a chicken!

Man with a chicken: It’s a cock. Apparently you love cocks.

Vince: Why don’t you tell your little chicken man that whoever put you up to this…I’m not in the mood.

Vince walks some more and runs into an alien. Vince stares it down and keeps on walking as the alien mimics his every move.

Some chip’n’dales walk up to him and say they are ready to blow his mind. They dance as Vince stands with his hands in his pockets pissed off. He keeps on walking.

Dusty Rhodes walks up and tells him to look at something. Vince says he’s going to destroy DX tonight. Dusty pimps his DVD. Dusty goes to sell the DVD to the strippers so Vince keeps on walking. A UPS guy walks up and asks him to sign for something – his delivery. Vince asks what it is. It’s his imported penis enlarger pump! Crowd is going wild! Vince is pissed and says he is going to destroy DX.

JR and King talk about what just transpired.

**No Chance that’s what you’ve got…**

Vince walks to the ring.

Vince on the mic: I hope DX had their little bit of fun because the laugh is going to be on DX here tonight. I’ve got two words for DX………(CROWD erupts) – living hell! You damn right. See this number 12 sized shoe? See that? (A-----E chants) I’m going to take this number 12 sized shoe, I’m going to take the toe of it and I’m going to firmly plant it right between Triple H’s butt cheeks. Then I”m going to take the heel and I’m going to knock Shawn Michaels’ teeth right down his throat. I’ve got a plan here tonight for DX. Definitely. Big time plan. See I’m going to take everybody on the ros-

Shane McMahon is here!

Shane makes his way to the ring.

Shane says that Stephanie is in labor and let’s go. Vince makes his way down the stairs and up the ramp. Shane and Vince leave together.

JR and King talk about Vince being a grandfather again.

Vince and Shane walk in the back as The Coach makes his appearance. Vince says that Coach is in charge and Steph is in labor. Vince says Steph has the worst timing of anybody he knows: “THAT b—h!” (Haha)

Torrie Wilson talks about the new WWE Magazine photo shoot. She is in a bikini and heels and a skirt with hot dogs and the like. The cover is unveiled next week.

**Torrie’s music hits**

This is a Bra and Panties tag team match…introducing first from Boise, Idaho – Torrie Wilson!

**Here she comes again…..**

And her tag team partner from Chicago, Illinois – Maria! Hottest….female…..ever.

**Let me show you what love is….**

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin….Candice Michelle.

**Mickie’s music hits**

And her tag team partner from Richmond, Virginia – the WWE Women’s Champion, Mickie James.

Match 1: Candice Michelle and Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson and Maria

Candice with a hair pull knockdown. Torrie off the ropes looking for a sunset flip, but Candice sits down on her…Torrie finishes the sunset flip and rips Candice’s shirt off. Mickie in the ring and pulls of Torrie’s pants to reveal some panties. Tag to Maria. Maria lands a stiff right. Mickie reverses an irish whip and lands a flapjack. Mickie doesn’t waste time in stripping Maria of her pants and her shirt. Maria is down to her bra and panties, and out of nowhere so is Torrie who came into the ring.

WINNERS: Mickie James and Candice Michelle (1:28)

After the match Mickie lands a cheap shot on Candice and strips her down to her bra and panties! Mickie mocks Candice with the Go Daddy dance. Mickie goes over to the booth and steals JR’s hat. Some lady in the front row is talking s–t to Mickie so she rips off HER shirt. Haha! That was no ordinary fan. Let’s be honest….that was another Diva slut.

JR will interview Kane tonight. Ric Flair will take on Edge!

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WWE Slam of the Week is the Charlie Haas/Viscera confrontation.

**The world’s largest love machine…Viscera**

From Harlem, New York – Viscera!

Charlie Haas is already in the ring.

Match 2: Viscera vs. Charlie Haas

Viscera says that he is going to give him another opportunity to apologize to Lilian. Charlie reveals Lilian and him went to dinner, and after dinner she accepted his apology over some pillow talk. Vis slaps Charlie and chokes him back into the corner. Viscera with some short splashes. Vis throws Charlie over the top rope. Vis follows him out and says he is going to apologize! Vis throws Haas back into the ring and Haas catches him with some axehandles and stomps. Haas off the ropes, but Vis catches him and lands a sidewalk slam. Haas fighting back again with some rights. Haas tries to whip Vis, but Vis holds on and lands a big clothesline. Vis with a huge slap! And again as Vis talks smack to Haas about the “pillow talk.” Vis chokes out Charlie on the top rope as the ref counts. Charlie fighting back again, but that is short lived and Vis sends Haas for the ride into the turnbuckle and he hits the mat. Vis calls from some romping and lands a big splash. Vis with a Ravishing Rick Rude pose. The Spirit Squad is here!


The Spirit Squad manhandling both Haas and Vis! Double teams and triple teams for everyone! Big roundhouse kick to Haas! All five in the ring with Vis now as they beat the s–t out of him. Five man parachute on Big Vis! WOW!

Huge DX chants now!

Kenny on the mic: Apparently Degeneration X is back, but according to us they won’t even make it to Vengeance. So get down here right now! We are going to solve this right now. We ain’t goin’ nowhere…we are staying all night. We are going to solve this right now!

Triple H and Shawn Michaels are in the back.

Shawn Michaels: I told ya this was going to happen. I knew it – there’s five of them…there’s only two of us. They’re going to murder us.

Triple H: Shawn, calm down. Calm down! They’re just cheerleaders! And if you think for one second we’re gonna come down there cuz you call us down there. We’re gonna come out there tonight on our terms. Tonight the world is going to witness the rebirth, the coming alive of the most powerful group in the universe – the Degeneration X! Now that will be later. But until then boys we’ve just got two words for ya……


Triple H: NO, no that’s not the words we were thinking of…the words we were thinking of were more along the lines of LOOK UP!

The Spirit Squad is absolutely slimed by some Green Slime!

Triple H and Shawn Michaels laugh it off as the Spirit Squad slips around the ring.

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Umaga is on his way to the ring as Armando Alejandro Estrada leads him there.

Match 3: Umaga vs. Jobber

Umaga with two huge slaps and this jobber is just getting killed. Tree of woe! Umaga off the ropes and he nails a huge head butt. Jobber down in the corner and he lands a HUGE butt splash! THUMB OF DESTRUCTION!

WINNER: Umaga (1:06)

Umaga continues to beat the s–t out of this dude.

Everybody listen..haha…to me! Hey…I say it before and I say it again – my name es Armando….Alejandrooooo…(crowd fills in Estrada).

Estrada drops the mic as he isn’t happy about them saying his name. They head out. HAHA! Estrada is so f–king over right now.

JR calls Umaga an “undefeated carnivore.” Come on now, JR.

*Cena’s music hits**

John Cena makes his way to the ring as the crowd has a huge ovation – cheers and boos!

*ECW music hits**

And representing ECW, Balls Mahoney. Paul Heyman is with him. Mahoney has a chair that says “Cena Must Pay.”

Match 4: John Cena vs. Balls Mahoney

Balls and Cena pounding away on each other. Cena takes over. Balls off the ropes with a huge back elbow. Fisherman suplex by Cena. Cover gets 2. I think I hear a Cena Sucks chant. Cena pounding away on Balls as Chioda gets in the way and Balls takes advantage. Cena eats the turnbuckle. Balls with a huge headbutt. Balls with some left jabs – one after the other – Balls, Balls, Balls, Balls….woooooooooooooooah Balls! Balls with a huge kick to the head of Cena. Cover gets two. Cena up and fighting back now with some rights and lefts. Cena off the ropes and he lands two shoulder blocks. Missed clothesline by Balls and Cena lands a sit down powerbomb. You Can’t See Me…..Five Knuckle Shuffle is countered as Balls has a chair. Drop toe hold – STFU! Game over.

WINNER: John Cena (2:28)

Heyman is in the ring on his knees as Cena looks over him. Sabu is here! HUGE chair throw and Cena is dead! Sabu rips off the announce table and takes out the tv monitors. Big tv monitor shot to Cena! Sabu in the ring, off the ropes…..Triple Jump Leg DROP! HOLY s–t!! EC – f–kING W! Cena is dead! Well…I guess not – now he’s standing up with blood dripping down his face.

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**Orton’s music hits**

Randy Orton is here for a scheduled one-fall match.

His opponent tonight is Snitsky!

Match 5: Randy Orton vs. Snitsky

Orton with a thumb to the eye into an innovative backbreaker. Off the ropes he goes and drives a knee into Snitsky. Orton locks in a back headlock. Snitksy fighting back, but Orton comes off the ropes and gets clotheslined. And again from Snitsky. Off the ropes and Snitsky lands a side slam. Snitsky in a four point stance, and he lands a big shoulder block. Snitsky with a head of steam, but Orton land a back elbow. Pump handle slam countered by Orton – off the ropes, missed boot by Snitsky – RKO!

WINNER: Randy Orton (2:30)

King is on the mic with Orton about having to go back into an ECW ring in his tag team match.

Orton: Let me cut you off right there if you don’t mind. As far as going into an ECW ring in an ECW arena under ECW rules. I’m not concerned. I’m more tough than John Cena. Kurt Angle will find out that Vengeance is mine.

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-Lawler interviewed Orton at ringside, asking him about having to return to ECW tomorrow in a tag match. Orton said as far as going into an ECW ring with ECW rules, he said he’s not excited, but he is tougher than Cena, so he’s not concerned. He said Angle would find out either on ECW or on Sunday that “Vengeance is mine.”

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-The WWE 24/7 segment showed a clip from June 21, 1981 of Dusty Rhodes vs. Harley Race at the Atlanta Omni.

-Back live, Ross and Lawler were still sitting in front of a crushed announcers’ table. Ross acknowledged the last clip featured “the late, great Gordon Solie on commentary.”

-Carlito, from mid-ring, said he was backstage minding his own business as always, but Coach must have heard him laugh at the DX antics, so he made his match a handicapped match. Carlito said Coach is not cool, but Carlito becoming IC Champion this Sunday at Vengeance, “That’s cool.”


During Melina’s ring entrance, Ross told Lawler he spilled the Cialis blue pills all over the desk. Nitro got tossed around by Carlito in the opening minute. When Nitro reached to tag in Shelton, Shelton chewed him out and said he sucked. Nitro tagged himself back in at 2:00. Shelton got in Nitro’s face. They argued, then exchanged blows. Nitro clotheslined Shelton over the top rope. Carlito rolled up Nitro. Nitro rolled through, yanked on Carlito’s tights, and scored a three count. Nitro and Melina signaled they wanted the IC belt. Shelton and Carlito brawled afterward. Carlito gave Shelton the back cracker.

WINNER: Nitro & Shelton in 3:00.


[Commercial Break]

-Coach discovered that Vince’s office had been defaced by black and green spray paint stating, “DX” and “Are Your Ready?” and “Suck it!” The Vince mag cover had also been spray painted. Shawn and Hunter walked in and pretended they hadn’t seen it yet. They gave Coach a hard time and said since he was in charge, he’d be in trouble. Coach said the plan for them was first class accommodations for their reunion. Shawn and Hunter offered to watch the rest of the show with Coach. They sat him down with them on the couch.

-Maria interviewed Eugene. Eugene said he almost didn’t recognize her because he saw her in her bra and panties earlier. “You’re pretty,” he said. Maria asked for an update on Duggan. Eugene said he’s resting at home. He said this Sunday at Vengeance, he knows Umaga is big and strong, but he’s going to get revenge for Hacksaw. Rob Conway walked in and mocked Eugene. “Way to look out for your friend last week,” he said. Eugene exploded on Conway with a barrage of punches, then looked shocked at his own outburst, and then ran off.

-Ross thanked the fans for making Raw the no. 1 show on all of cable television again last week. With some new hit series like “Saved” and “The Closer” on TNT, that may not happen as often as it has in the past. Ross and Lawler then overviewed the Vengeance line-up.

-They went backstage to Coach, Hunter, and Michaels. Michaels asked Coach if he was going to buy the PPV over and over in intentionally obnoxious fashion. Coach said he had enough. He said if they had plans to mess around later, they have no idea what they’re in for. Coach said messing with him is like messing with Mr. McMahon. Hunter said when he puts it like that, it’s pretty clear they ought to not cause problems. Coach said he appreciates them understanding. Then their friendly handshake turned into Coach being thrown head-first through the wall. They pulled of Coach’s pants, revealing a thong. Then they spray painted his ass cheeks with “DX.”

[Commercial Break]

-A segment aired with The Highlanders. They said they’ve travelled from Scotland to a motor lodge in the U.S. They couldn’t figure out how to use the key card. Robbie checked down the door, then complained their was no football on TV. They discovered “Adult Titles.” They said they’re adults, so check it out. The porn music came on and they tilted their heads and said, “I love America.”


Mick Foley joined Ross and Lawler at ringside. Foley vowed that he was going to embarrass Flair and “stink up the place” to humiliate Flair in his home state. Lawler and Ross asked if he was going to have an intentionally bad match. Foley said yes. He said he can steal any PPV event he wants, but he’s choosing not to at Vengeance. He said the line-up is otherwise loaded. He said he takes as much pride in his performances as Flair does. He said Flair doesn’t understand his style. He added: “He’s going to get what he deserves. A fiasco. A debacle.” Edge missed a shoulder charge in the corner when Flair moved. When Ross said McMahon won’t be happy with him putting on a stinkaroo, Foley said, “I quite frankly don’t really give a damn about Mr. McMahon.” Flair gave Edge a low-blow and schoolboyed him for a near fall at 2:00. Flair armdragged Lita into the ring. Flair then chopped Edge. As the ref was distracted by Lita, Foley briefly applied the Mandible Claw on Flair. Edge then hit Flair with a Spear for the win. RVD then hit Edge with a top rope dropkick. He followed with a Five-Star Frogsplash. RVD then retreated through the crowd.

WINNER: Edge in 3:00.

STAR RATING: 1/2* — Not much to it.

-Spirit Squad tried to talk the rest of the Raw locker room into helping them destroy DX’s reunion before DX embarrasses them.

[Commercial Break]

-The lights in the arena went down and green spotlights shined down. The DX music then began. Ross said this was the original DX reunion. How many viewers out there were expecting X-Pac, Chyna, and the New Age Outlaws to show up, too? What kind of reunion includes only two out of six members? Hunter asked the crowd, “Are you ready?!” They cheered. Hunter then did Road Dogg’s intro, “For the thousands in attendance and the millions at home, let’s get ready to suck it!” Hunter put his arm over Michaels’s shoulder. Michaels said, “There’s more. Of course, if you’re not down with that, we only got two words for ya’.” The crowd shouted, “Suck it!” Hutner said DX is back, “bigger and badder than ever, the originals right here tonight.”

Michaels said he is guilt-ridden and has to ask the Lord for forgiveness. He said at this very minute Vince and Shane are nervously biting their finger nails over Stephanie’s labor pains. Hunter pointed at Shawn and said, “Liar!” Michaels said Steph is just fine. Michaels asked aloud, “Who do you think got her pregnant.” Hunter said, “I don’t know, but that guy’s got to be a huge stud, hung down to here.” Michaels interrupted and said he wanted to segue into a shameless PPV plug. When Michaels began to talk about facing Spirit Squad at Vengeance, the Spirit Squad music began. Out came five midgets dressed as Spirit Squad. Ross said, “Someone put Spirit Squad in the dryer.” Hunter and Michaels easily shoved them aside. Michaels even superkicked one of them. Nash and Hunter and Michaels must have had a conference call a few weeks back when planning their segments over the past week.

Hunter said he’s been thinking about cheerleaders lately. Michaels put on a blindfold. Out came a female Spirit Squad. Only four of them, though. The female Spirit Squad did a cheer, and then took off their tops revealing black bras with green “DX” spray painted on them. “You guys are the breast cheerleaders ever,” said Hunter. Hunter told them to feel free to take off their tops. He said he had a cheer for them. Out walked the actual Spirit Squad along with about eight other Raw wrestlers. When Spirit Squad got to the ring, they discovered their back-up troops had abandoned them. Hunter and Michaels gave a Pedigree and Sweet Chin Music to two of them. The other three yanked them to ringside safety. Hunter said, “In case you girls have forgotten, we are Degeneration X and at Vengeance, you are going to get your asses handed to you DX style.” The midget Spirit Squaders then turned around, bent over, and mooned them. They had “Suck It” spelled on their ass cheeks. Ross said DX would be a lot more serious on Sunday night.