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WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Report
By Steve Khan
email: [email protected]
Air Date: June 23, 2006
Taped from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Mexicools – WWE Tag-Team Championships
“Super Crazy” chants. JBL said the APA was successful because Faarooq listened to him, and Super Crazy needs to listen to Psicosis. Psicosis tried to show off which let London and Kendrick gain control. He eventually tagged Super Crazy who cleaned house. He was about to finish off Kendrick with a moonsault but Psicosis tagged himself and missed a senton allowing Kendrick to get the win. The Mexicools brawled after the match with Super Crazy getting the upper hand.

They showed Mark Henry’s win over Rey Mysterio from last month to setup their World Title match tonight. Later they showed Henry’s destruction of Batista and Chris Benoit. Batista returns in two weeks in Philadelphia.

Tatanka vs. Simon Dean
Simon Dean said he was ripped off at an Indian Casino for $150 and wanted to take it out on Tatanka. Tatanka was about to beat Dean but the Great Khali came out to beat them both down. Khali mocked the Undertaker.

Finlay vs. Gunner Scott
Cole mentioned Scott’s upsets over Booker T. JBL said Scott could upset anyone, but he can’t fight with Finlay. He said even Toronto won the World Series. Cole added that Toronto won it back-to-back. Gunner Scott hit a German Suplex, back suplex, back elbow and front dropkick off the top rope. Scott tried to get the crowd behind him, but they just booed. The leprechaun escaped from under the ring and Finlay had to tackle him so not to get disqualified. Finlay kicked him under the ring and used the shillelagh on Gunner for the win. Crowd enjoyed the antics.

Vito in a dress asked Ashley out on a date. She wanted to know if he was gay, but Vito said no and started talking fashion with her. A promo aired for Ambassador Sylvan. This time he spoke mostly in French.

Cole interviewed Chavo who put over the strength of Mark Henry. Chavo thinks Rey will successfully defend his title tonight, and Chavo knows he isn’t the only Guerrero who thinks so. Kristal interviewed Mark Henry, who put over his destruction of Batista, Benoit, Angle and Chavo.

King Booker w/Sharmell & William Regal vs. Bobby Lashley – Non-title
William Regal introduced King Booker. JBL stood and bowed as he entered. Booker hit chops in the corner but Lashley came back with shoulder thrusts and a vertical suplex. Booker kneed him in the corner and attacked the injured leg. “Lashley” and “Booker sucks” chants. Lashley hit running shoulder block and Booker turned inside out. Booker then hung Lashley over the top rope and went back to the leg. Book applied a single leg Boston crab but Lashley crawled to the ropes. Regal gave Lashley a cheap shot and Booker followed with a jumping side kick for a two count. Finlay came out as they went to commercial.

Lashley hit three consecutive body slams for three two counts. Booker tossed Lashley to the outside and Finlay hit him with the shillelagh. Book applied a Figure Four Leglock but Lashley rolled over. Lashley hit a suplex and powerslam for a two count. He went for the running power slam but Finlay attacked him from behind. Sharmell pushed a steel chair in the ring but Lashley used it on Regal and Booker for the disqualification.

Ken Kennedy beat Funaki after a standing steamroller and Kenton Bomb. Booker T told Teddy Long he won’t face Lashley ever again, so he and Sharmell can live happily ever after. Teddy instead put them in a steel cage match. JBL accused Teddy Long of being racist.

Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio – World Heavyweight Championship
Henry started out in control. He charged at Rey but Rey ducked and Henry fell to the outside. Mysterio then hit a sitting senton off the top rope to the outside. After a break, Henry was back in control. Rey came back with kicks and a dropkick into the turnbuckle. Mysterio hit a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Henry tried to press Rey to the outside but Mysterio landed on the apron and he hit a springboard bulldog for a two count. He went for a springboard crossbody but Henry knocked him down.

As Nick Patrick tried to fix the turnbuckle, Henry tossed Rey into him. With Patrick down, Chavo nailed Henry in the back with a steel chair. It had no effect and Henry laid Chavo out. Rey hit a 619 with the steel chair in Henry’s face. He went for the sitting senton but Henry caught him. Chavo gave Henry a chop block and placed the steel chair in Henry’s hands. Chavo told Rey to play dead and Nick Patrick disqualified Henry. This didn’t look good, since Chavo was standing right in front of the referee as he got up. As for the finish itself, I understand their intent, but it didn’t do much for Mysterio. I guess it’s better than losing.