WWE Stoyline Plans, Possible Feuds, DX, ECW

(Credit: Gerweck.net)

At the moment, current booking plan is for Aaron "The Idol" Stevens and KC James to debut on SmackDown as a tag team. Roadkill is now likely to end up on the ECW roster.

Mike Johnson reports that Kevin Fertig (aka Mordecai) is expected to be brought into ECW as a leader of a heel group.


Johnson also reports that possible feuds being discussed include Edge vs. Carlito and Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera on RAW and Mr. Kennedy vs. Booker T and Lashley vs. Randy Orton on SmackDown.

Former WWE superstar Juvetund Guerrera is seeking to bring in Joe Lider and Extreme Tiger to his Mexican Power (Mexicools like group), reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The Observer is also reporting that former DX member Sean Waltman was scheduled to meet with AAA promoter Antonio Pena to discuss a full-time contract, but Pena didn't show.