Thanks to Thomas Bradley for sending this in:

Last night I went to a local sports bar (an official WWE Blast Area Pay-Per-View location) to watch WWE Vengeance, got seated then waited for the show to come on but there was not any showing of the pay-per-view for over thirty minutes. To make sure we was not the only local WWE Blast Area location with this problem I called the Hooters up the street who was showing Vengeance and they told me that they was having the same problems too. The WWE Blast Area locations shows the WWE pay-per-view’s through Direct TV only and every customer including all Atlanta WWE Blast Area locations was effected with this problems due to heavy thunderstorms that went through the area four hours before the show even started. The manager of the sports bar that I went to was hustling trying to get the signal up by calling Direct TV but because unlike other WWE Blast Area locations like Hooters you can watch the pay-per-view for free but we all had to pay five dollars cover-charge at the door. Most people at the bar chanted ” WE WANT FREE FOOD”, “WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK”, ” NO TIP FOR YOU” and ” WE WANT COMCAST”.