From The fans have spoken
By Ed Williams III
June 2, 2006

While WWE Superstars have been dominating the squared circle for decades, World Wrestling Entertianment is starting to dominate in many other areas as well, and it has the fans to thank. In addition to dominating the world of sports-entertainment, WWE is now making an impact on the Billboard 200, the box office and the DVD best seller list. And WWE owes it all to the fans who are going out in droves to support everything that is WWE.

According to Nielsen Videoscan First Alert, the WrestleMania 22 DVD was the No. 4 best-selling DVD for the week ending May 29. What makes this astounding DVD even more eye-popping is that WWE s previous best debut was WrestleMania 21 at No. 17. WrestleMania 22 sold approximately twice as many units in its first week of release than WrestleMania 21. With additional re-orders last week, more than 212,000 units have been shipped.

But the big numbers don t stop there. WWE s latest musical album made an instant impact on the Billboard 200. The CD, which includes tracks from such major names as Saliva, Motorhead, P.O.D., Oscar-award winning Three 6 Mafia and many more, debuted at No. 8 on the list. Wreckless Intent joins other elite artists such as The Dixie Chicks, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool and more. In addition, the new album was No. 2 for Hard Music Albums, No. 2 for Internet Albums, No. 3 for Current Alternative Albums and No. 3 for Soundtracks.

And the huge success of WWE s first film, See No Evil starring Kane, has been well-documented. The film, which debuted May 19, is still among the Top 10 films in the country.

The continued support of the fans is what has made these new ventures so successful. And if the response continues to be so abundant, the sky s the limit for these projects.