WWE/ECW Agents, Malenko, WM22, Ashley/Michelle, More

On ESPN's news channel last night, they referred to Nextel Cup racers that raced in the Busch Series race as "Bushwackers."

WWE has hired Tim Horner as an agent. According to reports, Dean Malenko and Steve Keirn will be working as ECW agents.


The Law reports that TVTropolis in Canada will begin airing Season 1 of "Hogan Knows Best" on 6/11 at 6PM and 10PM EST.

WWE is reporting that the WrestleMania 22 DVD debuted in the 4th place on the best-selling DVDs chart on Nielsen Videoscan. WWE shipped more than 212,000 unites of the DVD since it was released and already surpassed WrestleMania 21 DVD as far as units shipped go in the first week when comparing the two. WM22 sold around twice as many units in the first week as WM21 did in its first week last year. WrestleMania 21 is currently the best selling WWE PPV DVD ever.

WWE's web site has added profiles of Ashley, Michelle McCool (in her new Teacher gimmick) and The Miz to the Smackdown page.