XCW Signs Huge Cable Deal, Devil's Bunkbed Match & More

This Saturday June 17th, at the XCW Arena the 6th Stage of the 7 Stages of Violence Tournament will be the main event for XCW s show featuring Dave The Rave and HorrorCore Hugh Rogue. This night isn t going to be a normal night for Dave The Rave and HorrorCore Hugh Rogue as they both know what they are about to get themselves into, one of these stars careers could be finished this Saturday at the XCW Arena. This won t be an easy match for the stars, the "Stage 6: Devil's Bunkbed Match" with 7 Feet Of Wood, Barbwire, Light Bulbs and whatever the stars can get their hands on, things are going to get ugly.


Super Star Jared Steel is also scheduled to team with Jack Drastic as they plan to get their revenge on the new IPC (International Playaz Club) "Old Look New Playaz Style member Canyon and Total Player Scott McKenzie. Super Star Jared Steel was kicked out from IPC and beat down by the IPC members. Now Steel plans on getting revenge on those who crossed him with Jack Drastic on his side.

XCW are also pleased to announce that Charter Cable Company has picked up XCW for monthly PPVs and VODs. Charter, one of the largest cable providers in the country airing in Fortworth, Texas, Newton, CT, Reno, NV, Glendale, CA, Greenville, SC, Long Beach, CA, St. Louis, MO, Hickory, NC, Malibu, CA and many more. This makes XCW the third largest wrestling company airing TV coverage out of all the independents nationwide. For more information visit www.xcwonline.net and www.tvn.com.