XCW is in high gear as Jack Drastic takes on TLP’s Canyon this tonight ( Saturday June 24th, 2006 ). By the looks of things, it seems that Drastic will be taking some of his anger on the latest member of TLP.

“Black By Popular Demand” Sidd & Gemini are looking to get their Tag Team Championship belts back. However for them to get another chance at seeing the gold they need to defeat Miguel & Guy. According to BBP this is a beating waiting to happen for Miguel & Guy.

A fan favorite as well as the toughest little baster around will return to the ring, and is the one and only “Drunk Adam”. Drunk Adam has been in the 7 Stages of Violence, wrestled Necro Butcher, Horrorcore Hugh Rogue and, many others in the past and is now ready to get some taste of XCW Wrestling!

Rodney Mack is also planned to return in the near future!

Make sure to watch Fox News this Sunday June 25th as XCW’s Jack Drastic will be taking part in an interview for Fox News regarding XCW’s future plans and their targets they have aimed for and have accomplished in steady concession.

XCW has picked up three other cable providers which are: MediaCom Handiling Cities, Huntsville, AL, Des Moines, IA, Columbus, GA, Springfield MO, and Albany, GA. Along with CLICK, Seattle, WA, and PurDigital, Atlanta, GA. With this recent Cable deal signed, XCW are reaching to over 7.5 million homes currently and counting.

XCW are also in negotiations with several other cable companies trying to complete more TV deals. Finally expect more wrestlers to be joining the XCW roster soon!